Dr. Peter Staub to manage the first CAS Digital Real Estate at HWZ in Europe

Tanja Berchtold 10.01.2017

Real estate management, one of the most important industries in Switzerland, can achieve great potential from digitalisation.

Digital technologies lead to new and exciting products throughout the life cycle of real estate, accelerated or automated processes and increase comfort for tenants and users. This potential can only be used if the specialists from the real estate industry have the knowledge needed to take changes in hand properly in terms of strategy and operation.

The students are provided with an integrated overview of the current developments in terms of digitalisation throughout the life cycle of real estate. The focus is on a market overview of the relevant trends and digital technologies, as well as specific applications. Subjects to be covered specifically will be companies and start-ups successfully active in the area of Digital Real Estate. Consequences for the different stakeholders, such as owners, building specialists, managers or facility managers are pointed out in many practical examples. The participants will develop a focused digitalisation strategy and will learn how to implement it. «I am happy that we are able to decisively advance the participants and their companies. There was no such integrated course in Europe before,» explains initiator and manager of the course of studies, Dr. Peter Staub.