The stages of the digital (r)evolution: primate, prehistoric man or even cyborg?

pom+Consulting 08.11.2021

In the digital transformation, companies act most successfully if they understand digitisation as an organisational issue and technologies as a basic building block for a successful future. The Digital Real Estate Index Calculator supports companies in taking a holistic approach.

When the home office became the focal point of most businesses during the outbreak of the corona pandemic, digital processes became mandatory for sustaining operations virtually overnight. In many places corona accordingly catapulted the IT infrastructure to the centre of the most urgent considerations.

Around eighteen months later, despite all the digital roadmaps and intentions, we are finding that in the construction and real estate industry, Excel lists are still being diligently typed out manually or documents with sensitive data such as rental agreements are being emailed back and forth in countless unencrypted copies. System-supported work and structured, digital processes enable transparent, consistent collaboration, greater flexibility and an improved overview of business processes.

Thus it is important for every company to deal with the digital transformation in depth and permanently. Regardless of the industry, services or specific fields of activity, digitisation requires all organisations to adapt to constant change, rethink existing business models, remain attractive as an employer and extend their lead on the market (or at least not be left behind).

With the multitude of buzzwords, technologies and trends, it’s easy to lose sight of the wood for the trees. That’s why we have developed the Digital Real Estate Index Calculator to calculate your digital maturity level. It shows where you stand in comparison to the market average and which steps you should focus on next so that you can fully exploit the digital opportunities and position and align yourself for the future.

The query is structured according to the following focal points:

  • Strategy
  • Organisation and processes
  • Innovative working models
  • Clients, products and IT infrastructure
  • Technologies

Your entries are evaluated immediately and the result is displayed at once. Find out at which stage of the digital (r)evolution you are.

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