The workplace of the future: Decode your DNA!

Tanja Pohle 21.06.2022

The working world, which we are familiar with, is currently being turned upside down. With the arrival of new generations and the constant advance of digitization, not only is our basic understanding of work changing, but also our expectations of companies, employees, and the workplace.

We live in transformative times. Companies are challenged to come to terms with a new world of work based on the principles of New Work: Where control, hierarchies and structures used to be the norm, freedom, independence, and room for creativity now predominate. Personal development is increasingly at the center of the successful symbiosis of life and work, with extensive implications for the organization and management of companies of all sizes and in all industries. 

The workplace as an identity-forming feature

The workplace is of central importance. How we work together, the environment, and the required tools become a decisive competitive factor, and the work environment becomes the extended arm of the corporate DNA.

Table soccer, colorful seating areas and fruit baskets are no longer enough to convey corporate culture. Instead, it is a matter of addressing employees' own goals and needs individually, making the best possible use of spatial parameters, establishing smart processes, and providing the necessary technologies. The workplace of the future thus becomes an individual construct and is tailored precisely to the respective organization. 

Workplace Solutions by pom+ 

You want to redesign your work environment? We support you in five steps to translate your DNA into a sustainable work environment: 

  • First, we define the company's goals and visions. For example, we conduct interviews with the management or lead workshops with professionals from HR, business development and management. 
  • We analyze the physical framework conditions and the structural environment and develop what is feasible. We perform an object analysis, look at the area characteristics and compare the results with the market. 
  • We formulate the technological requirements. We examine the current work processes and specify the requirements for a modern IT landscape. If required, we also support the selection and implementation of new digital solutions. 
  • We record the needs of employees by conducting surveys and creating job profiles. From this, we derive personas and concrete recommendations for action. 
  • Last but not least, we match the results with current studies from trend research to ensure that the new working environment also appeals to and picks up on younger generations. 


Just like your corporate culture, our services are individual. Our typical Workplace Solutions and Change Management deliverables include: 

  • You will receive a Workplace Strategy. This is a strategic document that provides information for your HR regulations or employee handbook (e.g. home office policies or approaches to fringe benefits). 
  • You receive a rough concept for a new office layout including a zone concept. 
  • You receive a structured list of technological requirements to pass on to the IT department. 

In a non-binding consultation, we will find out together which questions are currently on your mind and which services you need. Contact us now via contact form and we will get in touch with you immediately. 

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