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Our data scientists and real estate specialist keep an eye on data that are relevant for the real estate industry – and continually develop new products and services from them.

FM Monitor

Using the FM Monitor Benchmark, compare and optimize your figures, and recognize the commercial potential for yourself or your customers.


Use this opportunity for controlling your cash flow, and for bringing your multi-year planning to a new level of quality. The FM Monitor Benchmark offers an analysis all the way to a portfolio level, generating a fact-based strategic foundation for your cost and space management.


The Inframonitor Benchmarking

Are you interested in such topics as maintenance and renovation of technical infrastructures, or, in connection with streets, is small maintenance, cleaning, or are green spaces or winter services interesting activity areas for you? Are you currently comparing and optimizing your maintenance services, and are you organizing your infrastructure planning more cost-effectively.


Operating costs calculator

In the real estate sector, cost estimates are important in the early phases of any building project. Operating and maintenance costs account for around 40% of all costs over the entire lifetime of a property. Future costs can be reduced by making a reliable assessment of these costs at the planning stage. To do so, pom+ has developed the operating costs calculator,

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Innovation Engine

This innovative and user-friendly software tool quickly and clearly shows which trends are important in a certain phase of the real estate lifecycle. And also, with what technologies these trends can be implemented.