FM monitor

Using the FM Monitor Benchmark, compare and optimize your figures, and recognize the commercial potential for yourself or your customers.

Use this opportunity for controlling your cash flow, and for bringing your multi-year planning to a new level of quality. The FM Monitor Benchmark 2017 offers an analysis all the way to a portfolio level, generating a fact-based strategic foundation for your cost and space management.

pom+ performances

  • Registration of requirements and objectives
  • Collating multi-year comparisons
  • Detecting trends and developments in the real estate market
  • Developing individual portfolio or object analyses

Customer benefits

  • Largest Swiss FM benchmarking pool
  • Up-to-date space and cost key figures as a benchmark, for different object types
  • Identified potentials and a timely anticipation of FM trends


Benchmarking offers the possibility of comparing the key figures of costs and space of your real estate properties. This way you can generate strength and weakness profiles. Through the comparison of your own data with the benchmarking pool, you can evaluate your key figures and identify optimization potentials. Via a multi-year comparison, you can find out whether strategic adaptations "pay off", and whether you achieve the effects that you had planned. On the basis of the key figures, you can forecast the costs for all real estate properties in your portfolio. The key figures for spaces help you to improve space management, and for influencing the efficiency of your buildings.

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Trend analysis

The trend analysis shows you the direction in which the market is moving, and it also indicates new business areas, making it a good basis for developing your strategy. The TOP 10 trends help you to increase your competitive advantages.

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FM Monitor WebService

The FM Monitor offers you the possibility, of comparing real estate properties with the largest FM data pool of Switzerland. For a total of 13 object types, comprehensive key figures for costs and surfaces have been analyzed and publicized each year, since 2002. The pool includes more than 12,900 real estate properties, with an overall story floor-space of more than 46 million square meters covering all sectors, including banks, insurance companies, real estate companies, the industrial and public sectors, etc.

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