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Calculating operating costs in five steps

What effect does the construction method have on future costs?

Life cycle costs are regarded as important parameters when planning investments since, to take sound investments decisions, they must be taken into consideration during the planning phase. Optimised operating and maintenance costs lead to higher market values and satisfied users.

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In the real estate sector, cost estimates are important in the early phases of any building project. Operating and maintenance costs account for around 40% of all costs over the entire lifetime of a property. Future costs can be reduced by making a reliable assessment of these costs at the planning stage. To do so, pom+ has developed the operating costs calculator, made available as an innovative web application in collaboration with Kennwerte AG. This application requires only a few inputs and can generate a highly accurate result within minutes.

The operating costs calculator predicts the effect of construction methods on future operating and maintenance costs and prevents a one-sided optimisation of construction costs to the detriment of occupancy costs. This enables integrated investment decisions by showing the lasting value over a building’s entire life.