The Inframonitor benchmark

Der Infrastruktur-Benchmark für Gemeindestrassen und die kommunale Wasserver- und Abwasserentsorgung

Are you interested in such topics as maintenance and renovation of technical infrastructures, or, in connection with streets, is small maintenance, cleaning, or are green spaces or winter services interesting activity areas for you? Are you currently comparing and optimizing your maintenance services, and are you organizing your infrastructure planning more cost-effectively. The Inframonitor-Benchmark serves as a fact-based aid in this regard. The Inframonitor-Benchmark shows the relationship of the costs for maintenance works at a community level.

The monitor for community streets gives an overview, of the key cost figures that apply to the operational maintenance that is carried out by Swiss cities and municipalities. For this purpose, the individual services and activities are registered according to the cost type, which are then calculated as a proportion of reference magnitudes.

An overview of the advantages:

  • A single overview of all information, with regard to costs for cleaning, small maintenance of buildings, maintenance of green areas etc.
  • Comparisons beyond community borders
  • Interactive web tool for the analysis of your results
  • Optimization of maintenance services
  • Cost savings
  • Quality assurance
  • Networking events, for an exchange of experiences with participating communities
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