Building & Operations

making value real

Viewing real estate across the entire life cycle - and developing, planning, implementing and operating it smartly.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We make you BIM-ready and support you, among others, in phrasing requirements or quality assurance - to make your wish for efficient planning, execution and management of buildings with as few media transfers as possible come true.

Portfolio-/object strategies

We develop innovative strategies together with you with a view to the whole. We do not only provide you with our very broad and deep specialist knowledge, but also with insights from our comprehensive data pool, trend analyzer or various monitoring runs.

Planning and building-supporting facility management

A successful building requires timely inclusion of the future building operation. We support you in early specification of the requirements from the point of view of building operation, conduct FM reviews, create future-oriented operating concepts, analyze life cycle costs and ensure that the building operation works from the beginning. Risks are minimized and a building optimized for the management phase is produced.


Operating concepts

We provide you with our broad experience, consistent life cycle thinking and efficient collaboration platforms for successful design of the operating concepts.

Workplace management

How can changed needs of companies and employees be translated into innovative processes and the corresponding workplaces? What methods work in which scenarios? We will provide you with our comprehensive knowledge from many projects, studies and active trend scouting for your problems and solutions.


(FM) invitations for tender

We conduct your invitations for tender (FM, GU and TU), evaluate the best providers for you and ensure that no discussions of the scope of performance will be needed after the contract is concluded. Use our very broad experience, our know-how on specific service directories and public invitations for tender as well as our up-to-date knowledge of the market situation to your benefit.