Reference Building & Operations - Building trust

New WTO headquarter

Client: World Trade Organisation (WTO)

The mission

The aim was to plan and construct an office building including a restaurant, printing shop, exhibition hall, and two-storey car park, with the Minergie P label, for 300 WTO employees, in order to vacate the old building in time to allow for its renovation. The new building has been built next to the old WTO building. This was the first time the WTO had planned and built open-plan offices for its employees.


The WTO hired pom+ as the developer's representative.

Services pom+Consulting AG

  • Directing the developer's project
  • Organising the project and defining the programme in consultation with the developer
  • Controlling the developer's costs and deadlines under the aegis of the Confederation
  • Management of project modifications and amendments
  • Project progress evaluation and status reports
  • Checking and releasing invoices
  • Support and discussions with tenants
  • Coordination and financing model
  • Acceptance of the structure and inspection of defect repairs
  • Objective and inspection of the building documentation
  • Checking the final account
  • Steering of guarantee management
  • Commissioning the building

Further information

The main challenges of this assignment were:

  • Coordination between developers and delegates from the Confederation
  • Coordination between the individual operations in the building
  • Guaranteeing remaining within the budget
  • Guaranteeing compliance with deadlines, in particular with a view to the moving date
  • Coordinating communication with building tenants during the construction phase
  • Supervising the general contractor's construction work to guarantee the quality of the building