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SBB Move Lausanne 2013

Client: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen

The Mission

The project takes place in the context of the renovation and moving of the administrative and operations space located in Place de la Gare and Avenue de la Gare, Lausanne. The aim is to optimise the occupancy of the office spaces and to upgrade them in accordance with new standards, and to completely revamp the administrative and operations units of the SBBs for the Western Region, with an aim to improving the interactions between them.


pom+ received the assignment of managing the whole operational part of the office space reorganisation project. The project starts with the design and creation of transfer plans in accordance with the needs expressed by the SBBs. Next, the organisation of the project is set up. It is designed to manage the renovation and upgrading of the office space in parallel with the reorganisation of the teams.

Services of pom+Consulting SA

  • Coordinating the various divisions and units of the SBBs
  • Optimising the available spaces
  • Preparing transfer plans
  • Coordinating the various external participants
  • Maintaining the availability of the operations teams
  • Securing the deadlines and costs
  • Creating, renovating and optimising areas in historic buildings

Other remarks

The project was conducted to the satisfaction of SBB staff and management, in accordance with the stated deadlines and costs.