Reference Building & Operations - Building trust

WTO Intra Muros, Renovation

Client: World Trade Organisation (WTO)

The mission

The aim of the project was to renovate WTO headquarters and set up a great hall and all necessary services such as a cafe, bank, restaurant, meeting rooms, etc. The project needed to be carried out without interrupting the use of the building and aimed to hand the premises back to the WTO as soon as possible, whilst guaranteeing the operation of the building. The old load-bearing structure of the building was used as the basis for building the new roof, and the interior spaces had to be planned and created up to final use.


The WTO hired pom+ as the developer's representative.

Services pom+Consulting AG

  • Directing the developer's project
  • Defining the organisation of the project and defining the programme in consultation with the developer
  • Controlling the developer's costs and deadlines
  • Management of project modifications and amendments
  • Project progress evaluation and monthly reports
  • Checking and releasing invoices
  • Support and discussions with tenants
  • Acceptance of the structure and inspection of defect repairs
  • Objective and inspection of the building documentation
  • Checking the final account
  • Steering of commissioning and guarantee management

The main challenges of this assignment were:

  • Coordination between the existing structure and the new load-bearing structure.
  • Coordination between the building users
  • Guaranteeing remaining within the Confederation's and WTO's budget
  • Guaranteeing compliance with deadlines despite bad weather
  • Coordinating communication with building tenants during the construction phase
  • Supervising the general contractor's construction work to guarantee the quality of the building