Businessmodels & Strategies

making leadership real

Translate strong ideas into sustainable strategies – and ensure the resources for a successful growth.

Corporate strategies

Get comprehensive clarity with an open and integrated view for all relevant factors, (customers, employees, finances, processes, innovations, trend, risks, etc.). This clarity can be used to specify targeted approaches, derive options and recommendations for action, develop and implement strategies. For your long-term corporate success.


Make or Buy Strategies

We provide all of our strengths, our current market know-how, our immense experience from many implemented projects and most of all the integrated view typical for pom+ that also considers the comprehensive knowledge of up-and-coming trends and their effects on your industry to you for well-founded solutions and decisions.


Business models

The accordingly flexible business models are needed in a world that is changing at increasing speeds. In addition to tried and tested methods for development of well-founded models, we mostly rely on our comprehensive data pool and current insights from our trends scouting team.


Digitalization strategies

How good are the existing processes? Do they even make sense anymore today? What options for innovative processes are there from the possibility of linking digitalization as such? pom+ will cooperate with you to develop truly innovative strategies in combination of the knowledge of our business management specialists, data scientist and trend scouts.