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Business model control of Property Management

Client: PUBLICA 24.02.2017

The Mission

PUBLICA is one of the largest pension funds in Switzerland. After portfolio expansion has been at the main focus for a long time, management of the properties is gaining in importance now as well. Management of the properties has been assigned to some external service providers. The question arises of whether the quality and costs correspond to the state-of-the-art. PUBLICA has identified various problem fields, such as the many interfaces, which lead to ambiguities in rendering of services, responsibility and value flows. For this reason, the current business model for management of the portfolio is to be reviewed and an optimized business model is to be developed based on this.


A business model to be successful in the medium to long term requires clarity regarding roles, processes, the organization and value flows, and these must be harmoniously coordinated with each other. An analysis of the actual situation is conducted for this first. Based on the actual analysis, the business models common on the market for management are pointed out in a market analysis. Analysis of the actual situation and the market then serve as a basis for sketching the target business model, which comprises a role model, versions for the organization model, versions for the structural organization and the required IT systems. The best versions available are chosen and the solution concept is sketched. Finally, the implementation concept shows how the solution concept can be implemented.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

pom+ conducts interviews with key persons at PUBLICA, their partners and select customers and collects quantitative indices to perform a thorough analysis of the actual situation. The analysis of the actual situation is used to point out the specific optimization potential for every element of the business model of management. The know-how of pom+ from various projects and partnerships is used to point out the business models common on the market, from which potential versions for Publica can be derived. The best version is selected based on criteria such as costs, number of interfaces, service quality, etc.

  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Market analysis (models on the market)
  • Solution versions
  • Solution concept
  • Implementation plan