Reference Business models & Strategies - Digitalization strategies

Development of Innovation Hub

Client: Credit Suisse Real Estate Investment Management 24.02.2017

The Mission

Credit Suisse Real Estate Investment (CS REIM), the largest provider of real estate products in Switzerland, is aware of the relevance of digitalization in the real estate industry and would like to develop an Innovation Hub. This Innovation Hub is to identify potential of digitalization early on and implement measures to increase the degree of digitalization. The target is to increase the comprehensiveness of CS REIM, process the rendering of services more efficiently and generate new services and products.


The strategic fields of action (Opportunity Spaces) were defined as the basis of the Innovation Hub for the innovation management of CS REIM. These Opportunity Spaces correspond to formation of the innovation strategy and specify the strategic direction for future innovations for CS REIM. For each of these Opportunity Spaces, ideas are generated which are evaluated based on criteria specified together and designed for CS REIM. Based on these, ideas are given priorities and a roadmap for implementation is specified. Implementation of the innovation projects is supported in further project phases and the Opportunity Spaces are continually reviewed or enriched with new ideas.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

In the scope of several innovation workshops, pom+ works with interdisciplinary representatives from the core and support business of CS REIM to develop the Opportunity Spaces, ideas and possible innovation projects within these Opportunity Spaces. Based on the ideas, concepts of the innovation projects are developed and a superordinate roadmap is created.

  • Opportunity Spaces/strategic fields for action for innovation management CS REI
  • Idea management CS REIM
  • Roadmap
  • Planning of measures and projects