Reference Business models & Strategies - Digitalization strategies

Digitalization of management

Client: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (Swiss Federal Railways) 24.02.2017

The Mission

The real estate department of SBB sees great potential in digitalization of real estate management. The SBB sees particular opportunities for more efficient process design in particular in management and for taking a pioneering role by using digital technologies especially in the retail area. In advance, the SBB already analyzed the processes for automation potential. Now, specific digital services and solutions are to be developed in order to develop a specific roadmap for implementation.


The "green meadow" approach initially points out the fully digitalized management process. Based on this, existing digital services on the Swiss market and the international market will be pointed out, which serve as basis for developing ideas for possible digital services for management of the SBB properties. The developed digital services are assigned properties and potential providers for their implementation are pointed out. Additionally, decisions are made on which digital services SBB will develop in a direct partnership with a provider («SBB as Leader») and which already-existing digital services will be adapted («SBB as Follower»). Then a roadmap for implementation will be developed.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

pom+ points out the fully digitized management process and discusses in the scope of workshops in which areas use of digital services may be relevant for SBB. pom+ uses the «Digital Real Estate Trend Analyzer» to point out possible providers and partners for the digital services. Specified criteria, such as customer benefit, efficient increase of processes and implementation capacity set priorities for digital services and generate a roadmap for the digital services thereafter to ensure implementation.
Fully digitalized management process (green-meadow approach):

  • Digital Services
  • International and national providers for selected digital services («SBB as Leader»)
  • Possible partnerships for selected digital services («SBB as Follower»)
  • Roadmap