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Strategy IMMO 2025

Client: Stadt Zürich Immobilien Bewirtschaftung 24.02.2017

Our Mission

IMMO is responsible for management of the administrated assets of the city of Zürich. The strategy of IMMO was developed as early as in 2008. Since then, it has been continually updated with specific targets and measures. Now, however, IMMO sees a need for a future-oriented strategy. This is to be developed mostly based on the latest and relevant trends and technology developments.


Since the strategy lays the foundation for long-term success of an enterprise, it must be paid special attention in times of continuous and quick developments due to digitalization. In the scope of a well-founded environmental analysis, it is ensured that the influence of the relevant trends and connected opportunities and risks can be viewed sufficiently. The opportunities and risks, the strengths and weaknesses profile of the enterprise thus define the strategic options for enterprises and ensure implementation by operative specification of targets and development of a Balanced Score Card (BSC).

Services of pom+Consulting AG

The strategy 2025 is re-developed with a forward view and will be primarily aligned with the trends relevant for IMMO. A detailed environmental analysis is in the scope of workshops with customers, partners and the input from the most important trends and developments in the real estate industry. In another step, corporate analysis is performed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses based on corporate analysis, to derive strategic options from them and assess them. The final product is the strategy 2025, which is documented and passed before the operative targets are operationalized within the strategy using a BSC.

  • Environmental analysis
  • Review of the vision, mission and values
  • Corporate analysis
  • SWOT
  • Strategy paper
  • Balance Score Card