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Client: Various 24.02.2017

The Mission

In the last years, management companies and other providers developed "tenant portals". Tenant portals are platforms on which tenants of premises or areas are offered various services and data for the rented unit, the entire building, its facilities, equipment and other services - depending on the respective providers - through a consistent interface. These tenant portals are, as the name says, mostly tenant-driven, i.e. they offer communication and information options as well as other services to the tenant. Now the real estate investors are facing the question of whether this kind of platform also may have potential for them regarding the exchange of data, collection of new data, provision of services, etc.


The investors are individually asked about their needs in order to analyze the relevance of the tenant portals, or of general platforms that tenants, as well as devices and equipment, can connect to, for the investors. The already-existing approaches are reviewed and assessed based on the investors' requirements. Based on this, the different approaches for solutions and business models for the individual solution approaches are developed. The solution approaches go from leaving the current situation to a fully integrated platform controlled by the investors.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

pom+ records the requirements of the individual investors by interviews in the first step and creates a consolidated requirements catalogue in which the requirements to functions, safety & security, the technology and organization and financing are bundled. Furthermore, interviews with existing providers of such platforms, as well as the largest management companies of Switzerland are conducted in order to analyze the existing providers and compare their properties to the requirements of the owners. Initial experiences of the investors with the providers are recorded and presented as well. Then approaches to solutions will be sketched and assessed, and a business model from the point of view of every party involved in a platform will be drawn up. This is deemed the basis for the investors to decide on the next steps.

  • Requirements of the investors to the platform
  • Existing solution approaches
  • Solution approaches
  • Business models