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Calculation model for area operating costs

Client: Mobimo Management AG

Our Mission 

The aim of the project was to quantify in detail the operating costs incurred in the context of an area and their distribution to tenants and owners. As existing calculation tools are often based on outdated key figures as well as a top-down driven calculation approach and are generally tailored to earlier project phases, the development of a bottom-up focused calculation tool became necessary for the preparation of more detailed information.


In order to meet the customer's requirements for an exact prognosis of the site operating costs, pom+ has developed a powerful calculation model which allows both detailed information and the results of the evaluations regarding the cost distribution to be processed effectively.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

In detail, pom+ calculated the costs for around 60 different partial services, which comprise the entire management of the site, in the course of the analysis. Wherever possible, a bottom-up approach was pursued to ensure high precision in the calculated costs. With the tool it was possible to capture and calculate up to ten separate objects on a site. The calculation model was supported by key figures from pom+Dataworld.

The distribution of the costs to individual objects as well as to owners and tenants was possible according to any distribution key. Finally, the calculated costs were then displayed in different aggregation levels and according to different charts of accounts.