Reference Digital Solution - Digital Transformation

Introduction of standard software for portfolio and asset management, acquisitions and sales

Customer: Credit Suisse Global Real Estate

Our mission

Credit Suisse Global Real Estate (CS GRE) is one of the world’s largest providers of real estate investment products. With around 170 real estate experts, 1,300 properties in Zurich, Frankfurt, New York and Singapore are managed along the entire value creation chain. pom+Consulting AG has helped reorient the IT and digitisation strategy.

The new strategy intends to replace the existing legacy systems with standard integrated portfolio management software with a view to creating a sound basis for current and future requirements throughout the real estate life cycle. pom+ successfully held the software tender and then created a concept for introducing the system. Customising packages are currently being defined and implemented in parallel with the legacy systems so that individual functions can be gradually transferred into the new solution.


pom+ is coordinating a project team made up of core business representatives, client IT operations and external software suppliers. Supported by an agile project approach (Scrum framework), customising packages are specified, developed, tested and rolled out in the productive environment in monthly release cycles. As a prerequisite for high user acceptance, requirements management has been professionalised and a demand management process introduced, enabling users to introduce new requirements and changes in a structured and central manner.

New functionalities are being introduced in the context of multi-stage test management, including acceptance procedures. As test manager and tester, pom+ verifies the test strategy and the relevant test cases, carries out the integration tests, and also coordinates the acceptance tests with the core business representatives. To relieve pressure on CS GRE resources, tests are dedicated, prepared and documented by pom+ for the purposes of immediate debugging. To implement demand and release management, modern tools are used along with instruments like Atlassian Jira, Confluence and HP Application Life Cycle Management.

pom+Consulting AG services

pom+Consulting AG supports the product owner CS GRE and continuously optimises the demand and release management process. In doing so, it assumes various roles and – as strategy developer, technological evaluation partner, business analyst and requirements engineer – combines real estate and IT expertise for optimal business-to-IT alignment. Upcoming sprints and releases are specified together with the software supplier. As Scrum master, methodical aspects are also introduced to reduce the amount of time the project team spends on coordination. As certified software testing engineers and managers, pom+ also verifies the system in terms of functionality and stability to ensure that it meets user requirements.


pom+ provides the following services as part of this project:

  • development of an IT and digitisation strategy
  • business analysis for the preparation of specific requirements
  • requirements engineering to refine the requirements of concrete, itemised measures and deliverables
  • IT tender for portfolio management software
  • channelling of change requests as part of the demand management process
  • documentation and communication of itemised change requests to the software developers
  • test management to establish and plan test strategies, scenarios and cases
  • functional system and user acceptance tests of the change requests implemented
  • regression and performance tests to guarantee the system’s robustness
  • ongoing business support for queries and uncertainties connected with the software solution
  • monitoring of compliance with the Scrum framework in the project team