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Process renewal and implementation of a management information system

Client: Swisscanto Invest by ZKB

The Mission

The asset and portfolio management software of Swisscanto invest has become old and was tailor made explicitly for the specific requirements. During the redesign of the management strategy it became clear, that the new processes could not be supported adequately. Contrary to the old management model, a pure analysis and forecasting utility in terms of a Management Information System (MIS) is required. The data input is done on the level of property management via external suppliers, who feed in data via interfaces. In order to take this aspect into account and simplify changes of releases, the decision was made to implement a new software system.


Apart from the actual software project, the new management model was implemented simultaneously. In close cooperation with the new service providers as well as other parties within Swisscanto Invest, the processes were redesigned and introduced; also a data migration was planned. Due to the new system architecture (merging of software suppliers and the REM systems of the property managers) the master data structure of the properties and rented properties had to be redefined. As a common base, a so called data treatment guideline was used. During the data migration a firm data delivery and testing procedure was developed. The data were already delivered, tested and released via the new interfaces as test deliveries. The test infrastructure, built just for this project, proved to be especially helpful. It consisted of various system instances, so that the provided data could be merged with the data from the real time system, which was being simultaneously run during six months using an analog data base.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

The project requires a high level of change on the customer’s side. The levels strategy, processes, data structures as well as the company’s corporate culture (outsourcing) were heavily affected. pom+ provided the overall project management and also the conceptual work in various subprojects, especially when it came to the requirement management, the migration, the test planning and coordination.

  • Development and ensuring of the project steering
  • Provision of a single point of contacts for all participants of the projects for triage and documentation of questions, tasks and decisions
  • Planning, coordination and moderation of various workshops, leading to the development of technical conceptions
  • Input of methodical approaches for the development of processes, data guidelines as well as the
  • processing of the entire migration and testing phase
  • Documentation of concepts, processes and supporting documents 
  • Processing of software tests, including documentations and adjustments with the software supplier
  • Processing of data quality tests including documentation and adjustments with the property managers
  • Establishment and control of the change management (software related)