Reference Future Lab - Trend- and technology monitoring

MAGIC - More Customer-Value Through Digitalization

Client: ISS Facility Services AG 24.02.2017

The Mission

ISS as a service provider in the area of Facility Management has recognized that the investment in innovation projects in the environment of the real estate industry contains promising components. Specifically, ISS wonders how the potential of digitalization can be used to increase customer satisfaction, make performances more efficient and increase turnover.


Based on the customers and «Customer-Journey», the relevant trends in digitalization in the real estate industry and specific solutions (start-ups, applications) are pointed out and evaluated. The resulting setting of proprieties ensures that ISS sets the proper tracks regarding digitalization.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

pom+ develops a composition of trends, technologies and solutions with the "Digital Real Estate Trend Analyzer" tool (start-ups, applications) with a focus on digitalization in real estate management. In the scope of the workshop, the method of innovation management as a basis is explained and discussed first. Based on this, the trends, technologies and solutions are discussed, evaluated and assigned priorities from the customer's point of view. As a result, ISS knows which tracks it should set regarding digitalization and which projects it should launch for implementation.

  • Innovation management method
  • Use of digitalization
  • Relevant trends, technologies and solutions
  • Evaluation of the trends for ISS and its customers
  • Fields of action