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The Open Innovation Network - Space for new ideas

Client: Various 24.02.2017

The Mission

Great changes are becoming evident in the real estate industry, triggered by digitalization, new technologies and trends. The market participants of the real estate management are confronted with these changes and take various measures in order to meet changes on a strategic and operative level. The companies provide resources to develop innovation management, operate active idea management and initiate and implement specific innovation projects. These processes currently nearly all happen internally in the companies. There is little exchange between companies, roles or even industries. This limits many companies in their innovation power, since they often focus too much on the core business.


The Open Innovation Network links various representatives from the real estate industry. This network promotes active exchange and the shared innovation. Ideas can be developed and implemented together. The members can also discuss opportunities and risks of digitalization and take the corresponding measures.

Thanks to the Open Innovation Network, all potentials can be utilized and an open innovation culture will result.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

pom+ coordinates and facilitates a workshop with the participants of the Open Innovation Network twice a year. This includes development of partnerships with industry-comprehensive companies that can inspire and advance the participants with exciting solutions and specific experiences. pom+ uses the «Digital Real Estate Trend Analyzer» to point out the latest trends, technologies and solutions in the beginning. To prepare for the workshop, pom+ also prepares the specific contents of the participants.