Reference Future Lab - PropTech-Accelerator

PropTech accelerator

Client: Various 24.02.2017

The Mission

The development of new trends and technologies is continuously leading to new solutions (start-up companies, applications). In the real estate area, one calls these start-ups PropTechs, an acronym for property technology firms. They offer solutions for various processes and roles, within the real estate industry. However, some proptechs unable to unfold their full potential, since access to relevant investors is missing for them. This also means that they cannot continue to develop as quickly as may be necessary. And furthermore, they lack the required networking possibilities.


The PropTech Accelerator, analogous to accelerators in other areas, brings together investors and proptechs, offering them a program on speeded up development and joint innovation that lasts several weeks . This gives investors the possibility of making targeted investments in proptechs that offer the prospects of high returns, while at the same time offering proptechs additional potential for growth.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

pom+ coordinates an Accelerator Event, in a cooperation between Fusion and Swiss Prime Site. 5 to 10 proptechs, about 5 corporate partners and approximately 5 additional strategic partners, can participate in such an Accelerator Event. The corporate partners can actively participate in the development of the proptechs and, at the end of the Accelerator Event, have the opportunity of participating in or acquiring the proptech.

The PropTech Accelerator Event brings together start-ups and investors in the real estate industry, thereby creating the opportunity for new innovations