Reference Organisations & Processes - Risk management

Implementation Risk Management

Client: Cantonal Police of Zurich

The Mission

The cantonal police of Zurich (Kapo Zurich) needs to implement a companywide risk management. Based on a methodical approach, which was developed and adjusted with the customer, the elaboration of the risk management including the right instruments was defined and the action for the implementation was planned accordingly. From the customer’s side, the implementation of the risk management on this basis was then released.


The risk management shall be integrated into the business processes of Kapo Zurich. For this purpose, all relevant risks shall be identified, defined, and consolidated. Simultaneously, the core processes of Kapo Zurich shall be defined and documented in another project, called “Simple Process Oriented Structures”. In order to exploit synergies, the procedure and the results of both projects shall be adjusted.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

In cooperation with the customer, pom+ identified the priority dangers / areas of risk on the level of the management for the achievement of the goal and arranged them according to different viewpoints. Apart from the dangers / the areas of risk, pom+ also defined the relevant individual risks. Subsequently, the individual risks were consolidated and possible redundancies eliminated and in parallel, a plan of action was prepared. The risk strategy was defined with the aid of workshops and interviews with the management as well as other key persons, before planning necessary actions for the risk minimization. This resulted in a complete risk matrix, including the corresponsive risk sheets. For the operationalization, the intended roles defined in the risk management were then assigned in the organizational structure. The required activities were defined in a separate process, which has been integrated in Kapo’s management system.

  • Risk analysis
  • Definition of individual risks
  • Preparation of an action plan
  • Defining the risk strategy in the form of workshops with key persons
  • Integration of the defined process in the management system