Reference Organisations & Processes - Organization and process design

Introduction of a Process Management System including a Management System

Client: Alfred Müller AG

our mission

Alfred Müller AG (MüAG) is a renowned Swiss real estate service provider, featuring over 180 employees and a real estate portfolio of over 1 billion Swiss Francs. Some time ago, MüAG introduced a management system (MS), which had been certified in 1996 for the first time by the ISO 9001 norm. This MS had been well anchored with the corresponsive processes and was in use formerly. However, the MS as well as the processes of MüAG did not match up with today’s best practice anymore.

Solution to the Problem/Question

Since the processes shall represent an ideal support for the core business and also promote an efficient and effective operation, they need to be optimized along the life cycle of the real estate and be documented in a modern MS. In the wake of the process optimization, also the organizational structure shall be questioned and reviewed, leading to amendments if necessary.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

pom+ thoroughly analyzed the current situation concerning strategy, processes, organization and IT. Based on the results of the current situation, a concept was then designed including a role model and the most important business cases. Also the customer’s requirements, products and services were verified. After the revision of the process landscape, all business cases along the real estate life cycle were reviewed in cooperation with MüAG and adapted to the future challenges by applying the necessary improvements. This included the formulation of goals for the measurement of processes of each area. Subsequently, a suitable MS-tool was evaluated, featuring the documentation and integration of the processes. The new business processes required adjustments in terms of organizational structure and IT. pom+ established an implementation plan with all necessary measures for the implementation.

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Design of concept including a role model
  • Review of the process landscape
  • Goal definition for process measuring
  • Evaluation of an MS-tool including process documentation
  • Establishment of an action plan for the implementation of the necessary measures