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Organizational Design of the Future Real Estate Management

Client: City of Bern

The Mission

In May 2011, the voters of the City of Bern decided to reintegrate the public entity „Real Estate of the City of Bern” into the public administration of the city. The former is the owner and operator of all city properties, which are part of the city assets.


With an ideal organizational and procedural structure, the reintegration of the city real estate into the public administration of Bern shall enable the management of all real estate (investment and public properties) to take place efficiently and in a customer oriented manner along the value added chain.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

pom+ took the responsibility for the overall project management and the coordination of all partial projects. This included the areas of finances, logistics, IT, staff, billing for the corresponsive spaces as well as law issues. pom+ also led the partial project “Organization”. First, the role model ZIMBE was developed and the single roles were then described. Based on a role-process-matrix, the roles and processes were split on the department level. Moreover, pom+ defined the interfaces of cross-departmental processes. The dimensioning of the staff resources for the real estate management was also done by pom+. The project was under high time pressure during the two years of realization. Only thanks to a detailed action plan and pom+’s tight schedule, the job was completed according to the popular will within the set time frame.

  • Overall project management
  • Leading of the partial project “Organization“
  • Development of the role model ZIMBE and description of the individual roles
  • Definition of interfaces with cross-departmental processes
  • Definition of an action plan