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Professionalization of Real Estate Management

Client: F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Our mission

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Roche) perceived a need for action in their real estate management of the office, laboratory and production sites. The interdependence of the real estate associated activities was complex. Historically grown performances splits, originating in the core processes led to many process participants. Too many interfaces and redundancies were the result.

Solution to the Problem/Question

Together with real estate experts from various departments of Roche, pom+ shall bring clarity to the real estate management. For this purpose, a new role model, adjusted task relationships and a new process landscape as well as a new organizational structure shall contribute to the required improvement.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

pom+ analyzed and evaluated in cooperation with the customer the existing role model and the current real estate processes. For the analysis, documents were investigated, interviews conducted and customer workshops were held. Also, the organizational structure was explored and the corresponsive action fields were identified. Subsequently, target variants of the organizational structure were elaborated. During the next phase, the adjustments within the project management and the organizational structure were drawn out, based on the chosen best option. During this phase, the project risks and the associated measures were defined and introduced. In the following realization phase the role model, the role descriptions and the process landscape were adapted and updated, the new processes were defined and described, including the harmonization of the role model with its role descriptions.
The project also had impacts on the organizational design. Specifically, job descriptions and requirement profiles were reviewed and adjusted. Also, a detailed organigram was designed. An implementation concept with clear tasks, responsibilities and deadlines ensured the realization.

  • Analysis of the current role model and the real estate processes
  • Identification of fields of action
  • Elaboration of a target variant of the organizational structure
  • Elaboration of a detailed concept for the process management and the organizational structure
  • Identification of project risks
  • Creation of an action plan
  • Review and adjustment of job descriptions
  • Elaboration of an implementation concept