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Real Estate Controlling-System

Client: University of Zurich

The Mission

The cantonal parliament has approved the introduction of the delegation model for the real estate department of the University of Zurich (UZH). It expects UZH to assume responsibility for major real estate tasks. As a preparation for this delegation model, the program “New Real Estate Management UZH” shall create the necessary prerequisites.  


pom+Consulting AG, as an external project controller, shall implement the project “Controlling Real Estate UZH” in order to provide an adequate instrument for the real estate controlling at the entry of service of delegation model. The emphasis of the project lies on the development and the implementation plan of a figures-management system and cockpit for the real estate and project portfolio. Critical initial packages, consisting of steering and reporting instruments shall be implemented and be provided at the introduction of the delegation model.

Services of pom+Consulting AG

After the project initialization, which includes a stakeholder analysis in order to identify the involved roles, pom+ analyses the significant strategic specifications and requirements of the involved parties (university management, owner representatives, and tenants). After the identification and verification of the strategic goals, the existing structures are examined (surface area/premises, objects/buildings, locations, clients, costs etc.) and a subsequent analysis, leading to the resolution of differences, is done.
After finishing the situation analysis, the real estate controlling is designed. During this process, the suitable measured values are derived and identified from the system of indicators, also the system of indicators for the real estate controlling is defined (including a draft of the reporting). The phase “realization of the initial package” also includes a statement of accounts for politics, management and specialist reports. For the long term implementation planning, pom+ designs a road map.

  • Stakeholder and needs analysis
  • Identification of strategic goals
  • Analysis for the resolution of differences
  • Conception of a real estate controlling
  • Definition of a system of indicators for the real estate controlling
  • Creation of an action plan including a roadmap for the implementation