Sustainability & Performance

making sustainability real

Minimizing the use of resources, increasing efficiency – and thus combining economy and ecology under one roof.

Sustainability Management

We take care of sustainability management and operation of a sustainability scorecard for you. We ensure that target specifications are complied with, e.g. in respect to energy and emissions, comfort and safety, and the life cycle. We take responsibility and take care of implementation – you can profit from our broad experience, consistent eye to the whole and our up-to-date knowledge of trends and risks.

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Cost and Area Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a first assessment of your current situation and allows you to compare internal and external factors, whereby potentials to optimise are identified, and measures are derived. pom+ benchmarks are based on a data pool that is unique in Switzerland and can be purchased separately - standardised as a reference work or individualised for your property depending on use, size, location, rental income potential and year of construction.

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Cost and Revenue Analyses

An estimate of operating costs is essential for evidence-based investment decisions. The detailed costs are calculated bottom-up with the help of the production costs, the building description, plant lists, usage and area data as well as numerous market key figures, thus creating the basis for the optimisation of the operating and maintenance costs. Cost forecasts are the foundation of budgeting or plausibility checks of existing cost estimates.

Resource Calculations

Up to 90% of the expenses of a property invoice consist of personnel costs. A resource calculation determines the optimal number of full-time employees (FTE) for a portfolio and sets a base for organisational development or budget negotiations. The target parameters for portfolio, asset and facility management, commercial and technical management as well as caretaker and cleaning are determined while taking portfolio characteristics and organisational performance into account.

Economic Calculations

A market value estimate is an important indicator regarding an increase in value of a property. We objectify investment decisions and create a solid background for negotiations during acquisitions. Future earnings and cost potentials are discounted to the valuation date using the discounted cash flow method in order to facilitate financing and affordability decisions.