Reference Sustainability & Performance - Cost Estimates and Analyses

Energy check

Client: Construction field 21.03.2017

The mission

Due to annually increasing energy consumptions and costs, the values of a complex, highly technical, mixed-use property are to be analysed and reviewed in detail.

The cost increase should be explained in a comprehensible manner and the underlying causes determined, so that approaches to optimisation measures can be identified.


The consumption and cost database of the property was enriched with additional information (e.g. tenancy status, weather/climate data and cost benchmarks) in the form of a comprehensive interactive analysis fact sheet (table).

Additionally, interviews were conducted on site with the persons responsible in technical facility management.

The insights from data analysis and interviews were combined, causes identified and optimisation approaches derived.

Services pom+Consulting AG

pom+ collected the data required for analysis from various sources (invoices, ancillary cost settlements, tenant overview, benchmarking data pool, etc.) and prepared in the form of an analysis fact sheet (incl. index calculations).

After execution of interviews on site and analysis of the power, district heat and water data, the causes of cost increase were determined and the approaches for optimisation measures were derived.

The results were documented in the form of a short report that describes, among others, the procedure, contains insights per medium and names approaches to optimisation measures.

  • Compilation of the data from various sources
  • Generation of an analysis fact sheet
  • Execution of interviews
  • Development of optimisation measures
  • Generation of a short report