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Sustainability strategy

Client: Swiss Life Ltd 21.03.2017

The mission

Swiss Life REIM (Switzerland) AG (SL REIM CH) is responsible for the entire administration of the directly (Swiss Life AG) and indirectly (Swissville) held real estate portfolio in Switzerland, as well as for the asset management for real estate investment vehicles of third customers (investment foundation, real estate funds). The assets managed by (SL REIM (CH) in Switzerland are more than CHF 22.5 Bn (end of 2015). The management of SL REIM CH has decided to phrase and implement an attainability strategy as well in the scope of the strategy development 2017–2022.


The corporate strategy is to be developed via strategic options that are derived from an environmental and a corporate analysis. The sustainability strategy is to be phrased based on a relevance analysis with the target of identifying the sustainability aspects relevant for SL REIM CH.

Services pom+Consulting AG

In a first step, pom+ cooperated with the client to develop the strategy 2017 – 2022 of SL REIM CH. For this, a comprehensive environmental and corporate analysis was performed, the vision/mission and core values were developed, strategic options were identified and evaluated, and a balanced scorecard was developed. The corporate strategy was used as the basis for an explicit sustainability strategy that was developed subsequently. After an initial workshop with an introduction to sustainable real estate management, documented framework conditions such as normative and strategic basics of sustainability in the group were collected and reviewed. After a consolidated essentiality analysis, superordinate sustainability principles and subject-specific targets were defined. After development of a strategy paper, i.e. phrasing of the strategic sustainability principles and targets for the existing and future portfolios, the operationalisation phase was tripped. For this, specific suggestions of operative targets (measures and/or indicators and target values), measures packages and a schedule were stipulated.

  • Strategy development in cooperation with the customer
  • Environmental and company analysis
  • Development of vision/mission and core values
  • Development of the balanced scorecard
  • Collection of various normative and strateic basics for sustainability
  • Target definition
  • Development of a strategy paper
  • Specification of the measures plan