Collaborations & Engagements

We think and act in the ecosystem - thanks to strong partnerships

We live cooperation instead of competition and work actively to move the construction and real estate industry forward together. To this end, we maintain a broad network with strong partner organisations and institutions that want to make a difference and use our competences to initiate things and find solutions for today's challenges.

Major changes are emerging in the real estate industry, triggered by regulations for more sustainability, the net zero target by 2050 and by digitalisation and the new technologies and trends associated with it. We can only meet these challenges effectively as a group. That is why we share knowledge, promote active exchange and joint innovation, develop ideas beyond company boundaries and realise them with strong partners.


Far-sighted ideas, bold visions, hidden potentials, transformations - that's what our heart beats for. Preferably in harmony with our clients. Many of our projects shake up the status quo and aim to create more efficient and effective solutions. We are proud to be able to accompany innovative companies in the implementation of future-oriented projects.

A selection of clients

Partner organisations

Be the change you want to see in the world! We take Mahatma Gandhi's motto to heart. And we are always on the lookout for like-minded people who want to make a difference. Our partners are characterised by their creative will and the power to tackle things and develop innovative solutions.

A selection of partner organisations


We are excellently connected in the construction and real estate industry. Many of our employees regularly lecture at universities of applied sciences or take active roles on the board or as members in various groups and associations.