Systematically retrieve knowledge, professionally prepare it and share it with the network

Knowledge is power. And those who share knowledge are at the controls. In times of "fake news", the structured collection and systematic processing of opinions and facts is becoming increasingly important. We support you with commissioned studies, trend publications and surveys and help you to classify the results correctly.

Our solution

  • Analysis of the question and definition of the go
  • Development and evaluation of internal company or public surveys
  • Conception and creation of studies and white papers
  • Communicative support for the results

Progress and value creation are increasingly based on the acquisition, generation, access, use and dissemination of knowledge. Relevant and up-to-date information as well as specialised expertise help companies as well as managers and professionals to expand their value creation, to achieve goals and to represent their own interests. Reflection and sharing on issues becomes an important strategic tool that empowers leaders, professionals and employees to solve problems, drive innovation and make informed decisions.

There are still no systems that know everything. This makes it all the more important for companies to be able to identify and name the relevant knowledge gaps. This is a first and important step towards filling the identified gaps. Based on this, information is collected and processed in a targeted manner in order to supplement the company's own know-how and increase transparency in the real estate market.

In the knowledge society, however, power is not only defined by the existence of knowledge, but also by the ability to communicate, share and translate this knowledge into collective action. And that's where we come in: We design academic and practice-oriented commissioned studies, support you with individual Trend research, conduct professional surveys, index the results and ensure that the findings are properly classified. You decide whether the results should be made available to a broad public or primarily serve your internal goals.

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Dr. Joachim Baldegger

Head of Service Unit Future Lab

Dr. sc. techn., dipl. Ing. ETH

Location Zurich