Implementation advice and sustainable measures

Sustainability management for construction and real estate companies: Design and implementation of ESG measures

Sustainability is an investment. The implementation of the planned measures must therefore be well planned. Together we develop a concept along your strategic goals so that the right measures are implemented economically at the right time.

Our services

  • Review of the defined fields of action according to the sustainability strategy
  • Development of sustainability scorecards (NSC)
  • Reporting of operating expenses
  • Statement of the amounts required for any maintenance work
  • Operational optimisation
  • Maintenance planning

A sustainability strategy is an important and binding component of the strategic orientation as well as the operative day-to-day business for companies in the construction and real estate industry. We examine the fields of action defined in your sustainability strategy and provide detailed information on the operating costs and necessary amounts for any repairs.

Frequently, the catalogue of measures in the area of the environment includes, among other things, an operational optimisation programme and the performance of numerous maintenance analyses. The basis for the operational optimisation is usually a portfolio segmentation. We identify those properties with a high potential for energy and CO2 savings and define target values in order to optimise energy intensity over a certain period of time. We then support you in the tendering process for the defined services. To this end, we draw up a list of contractors, specifications, an evaluation matrix and prepare the information for each property. We review and evaluate the incoming offers, answer any queries and take care of all formalities and administrative project activities. If possible, we also support you in setting up an energy controlling system and in raising the awareness of the users ("tenant engagement").


Investors increasingly want to invest in a more environmentally and socially conscious way. In line with the increasing offer of sustainable financial products, funds and services, the advertising drum is also being beaten: There is hardly a vehicle today that does not adorn itself with the label "ESG". But what it says is not always what is inside - in the case of greenwashing, for example, investors are misled about the sustainable properties of financial investments. Assessments are further complicated by a wide range of products.

We support you in proving the ESG compliance of construction projects by defining KPIs together with you to create a basis for decision-making that takes ESG data and financial ratios into account. We also identify standards such as  AMAS or REIDA for sustainable investments.

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