Business Models & Strategies

Translating strong ideas into sustainable strategies, new business models and efficient properties

The digital transformation holds a lot of opportunities for the construction and real estate industry. We help you to make targeted use of them and ensure growth in the networked and sustainable world of tomorrow by rethinking and adapting your key factors together: structures and processes, risks and resources.


They want to set the right guard rails for corporate success in the networked and sustainable world of tomorrow.

Business models

You want to use the digital transformation in a targeted way to expand your value creation.

Products & Solutions

You want to use digital tools to achieve your business goals.

Three reasons why we should accompany you on your way into the networked future:

Interdisciplinary expertise & methodological competences

In the digital world, your organisation, real estate, IT systems and data interact directly with each other. We have competences in all areas that are crucial for the success of the company and develop solutions in interdisciplinary project teams. In doing so, we use a wide range of different innovation and project management methods; from LEGO® Serious Play® from Scrum to the evaluation of your Business Model Canvas in the Challenge Room and decide on a situational basis which methodological approach is most appropriate for your situation and objectives.

Many years of experience

As an independent consultancy with more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, we have an excellent network and are familiar with the latest innovations in the market. Since our founding in 1996, over 700 clients have placed their trust in us in more than 7,000 project

Individual scope of services

There is no such thing as a "pattern" with us! Our services are tailor-made and adapted to your individual possibilities and goals. You decide whether we focus on the company, portfolio or property level, carry out national or international environment analyses or use our data pool.

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Division Management

Giuseppe Bilotta

Managing Partner

Dipl. Ing. ETH


Location Zurich

Stéphane Maye


Standortleiter Lausanne


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Rebekka Ruppel

CEO pom+Germany

M.Sc. ETH in Civil Engineering

Location Frankfurt