pom+Innovation Exchange

Systematically exchange knowledge beyond company boundaries and use it for the optimisation of own products and services

The construction and real estate industry is changing faster and faster. If you want to keep up, you have to get on with it. We help managers and specialists to recognise the associated changes at an early stage and to develop solutions, products and services together in order to use the change profitably for their own company.

Our services

  • Analysis of the question and definition of the goal
  • Recommendation of an innovation methodology appropriate to the situation (LEGO® Serious Play®, Challenge Room, Design Thinking o.s.)
  • Preparation and moderation of the pom+Innovation Exchange e.g.. according to the Double Diamond Process
  • Definition of the optimal target group to adopt a customer-centred perspective
  • Involvement of real estate experts to represent the target group or to complement the team's expertise.
  • Documentation of workshop elements such as value proposition canvas, personas, brainstorming provocation, elevator pitches
  • Derivation of measures and use cases as well as holistic planning in the form of a roadmap

It is a challenge to identify and assess the relevant topics and trends in the context of project development and to incorporate them into the feasibility study/planning in a phase-appropriate manner. This is where the pom+ Innovation Exchange has proven its worth as a low-threshold project think tank.

The networked world of tomorrow is built on cooperation instead of competition. With the pom+Innovation Exchange, we are taking this movement into account and providing managers and specialists from the construction and real estate industry with a platform for the structured exchange of knowledge between various experts. The exchange supports participants in adopting new perspectives, learning from the experiences of others, creating synergies and jointly developing solutions to the challenges in the ecosystem. As a cross-sector industry with highly fragmented processes, this is particularly relevant for the construction and real estate industry.

By participating in innovative workshops, you have the opportunity to learn about and discuss new ideas, technologies and best practices. We use methods such as e-learning, design thinking workshops, study tours or open innovation networks specifically to help you think ahead to new solutions and anchor innovation in your corporate DNA.

Next Generation Services & Products

The further development of services is a central point here. Digital transformation is changing various processes along the real estate life cycle and opening up entirely new opportunities for new sources of income.

Are you a first mover and ask questions that no one can answer? Then you've come to the right place! We combine strategic considerations with approaches from futurology and always try to close the gap between what is feasible today and possible tomorrow. In interdisciplinary project teams with experts from all phases of the real estate life cycle, we develop digitally oriented solutions that can be applied at property, portfolio or company and organisational level, depending on the issue at hand, and thus drive the transformation of the real estate industry forward.

Do you have any questions? Our experts will be happy to help.


Giuseppe Bilotta

Managing Partner

Dipl. Ing. ETH


Location Zurich