Data Platforms

A customised data platform according to your needs for cross-system evaluation of all desired property data

Data is the linchpin of every organisation. In order to make valid statements and generate added value on the basis of this data, information from different systems must be combined with each other. We develop the necessary data platform for you - 100 percent tailored to your questions and requirements.

Our solution

  • Analysis of the initial situation and clarification of needs
  • Definition of the requirements and necessary functionalities
  • Development and implementation of customised data platfor
  • Development and implementation of individual low-code app
  • Creation and integration of dashboards and cockpits

An IT architecture is rarely a static entity, but evolves over time. Old programmes are replaced by new versions or exchanged completely, new demands require the integration of additional systems. Insufficient documentation of the changes and changing responsibilities are then enough for the red thread to be lost - or at least no longer recognisable from the ship. This becomes a problem in the increasingly networked world.

Yet it is precisely the core business that deals with specific questions, the answers to which often require linking data and combining information. In many organisations today, several systems have to be consulted and different data sets have to be compiled manually. With the prevailing shortage of skilled workers, hardly anyone has the time or the inclination to do this.

With our Data Platforms services, we provide a remedy. And we do so without the need to rebuild your IT architecture. With a construction kit of components, we ensure that data is integrated more effectively and precisely into your business processes, thus guaranteeing a well-rounded consistency of data in the workflow. They differ from classic software in that they do not consist of predefined modules or require data to be migrated. Instead, you determine the relevant content yourself depending on the issues. We develop your platform based on this and pull together the necessary data from the systems and individual solutions already available in your IT architecture in a dashboard, cockpit or app.

Low Code Apps and Process Digitisation

A frequent trigger for the introduction of new IT products is the desire for process automation. In many cases, this does not require a reorganisation of the IT architecture. Instead, the "low-code approach" offers simple ways to digitise operational activities and seamlessly integrate them into the existing system world. Such low-code apps are developed together with specialist departments, enable dynamic data entry, accelerate the flow of information and simplify approval processes. This significantly simplifies the interaction between different programmes and increases the data quality in all end systems.

We support you in the development of individual low-code apps and take care of the seamless integration into your core systems, such as you​​​​​​​r CAFM-, ERP- or document management system. Adapt quickly, add smart layers to apps, generate predictive insights and manage all your data via mobile - wherever it is.

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Simon Caspar


Business Administration FH in Facility Management


Location Zurich

Rebekka Ruppel

CEO pom+Germany

M.Sc. ETH in Civil Engineering

Location Frankfurt