With circular business models and reusable materials to recyclable real estate

Today, the real estate industry is financially, socially and legally required to provide sustainable buildings. To achieve this, it is essential to adapt the existing planning and construction processes and the materials used. The principles of the circular economy serve as a guideline along the entire value chain.

Our services

  • Definition of target images and system for a circular business model
  • Development of a roadmap to a circular real estate portfolio
  • Definition of strategic fields of action
  • Feasibility analyses for components, materialisation or product-as-a-service models
  • Elaboration of circular project requirements
  • Support for circular tenders and architectural competitions
  • Creation of digital material passports

The commitment to sustainability is reflected in the way resources are handled. When building materials do not end up in landfill after use, but are reused on the next construction site, a building becomes a raw material store and thus a lucrative investment. In order for the construction and real estate industry to be able to tap into this added value in the first place, a change from today's prevailing linear "take-make-waste" economic model to a circular model is essential.

Circularity is based on the principle of the recurring use of finite resources by slowing down, reducing and closing energy and material cycles. The circular economy is to be understood as an overarching strategy that includes the entire value chain of the construction and real estate industry.

With our services in the area of circularity, we support you in the transformation to circularity and ensure that you can economically optimise your sustainability performance with circular strategies, materials and measures.

Strategy definition and implementation

Coordinated with your individual sustainability goals and the legal requirements, we jointly define the circular business model for your company. To this end, we develop circular target images and target systems, determine the relevant strategic content points, establish the associated principles for your everyday work and create plannability by showing a roadmap for the path to a circular building park step by step. Regular maturity analyses ensure that you are on course. We accompany the changes as facilitators and support you in stakeholder and change management.

Specialist advice on site development and construction projects

We advise developers, builders, investors and planners of sites and properties with feasibility analyses for components, materialisation or product-as-a-service models. We analyse the relevant information from BIM-Models and evaluate the circular foundations of existing properties and construction projects with a view to grey energy, climate impact, resource pollution, life cycle assessments and economic viability. We take over the quality assurance and monitoring of the use of materials, create "as-built" documentation and coordinate the procurement and procurement of materials.

Accompaniment of tenders and architectural competitions

We support clients in the development of circular project requirements and the preparation of circular tenders and architectural competitions. Based on your individual sustainability goals, we derive the relevant suitability criteria and targets and support you in evaluating the submissions of architectural firms, general planners and general contractors.

Material passports

Digital material passports form a central contact point for the materials and raw materials used in your properties. They show which components and materials can be found at which points in a building and what impact they have on the circular economy and the environment. We document the materials, components and products you use and record the necessary data records in the material cadastre of the Madaster digital platform.

Know-how transfer, communication and networking

We communicate the relevant steps for the transition to a circular construction and real estate industry within the framework of training courses, presentations or moderation of specialist events. In this way, we sensitise employees, project teams, residents and suppliers to circular concerns. With our broad network, we bring all roles to the table and mediate between the building owner, architects, specialist planners, service providers and producers of circular offerings.

Implementation advice and circular measures

The cost side of circular measures is a central aspect for building owners. We not only examine the defined fields of action, but also provide detailed information on the operating costs and the necessary amounts for any repairs, and support you in the targeted optimisation of operations and efficient maintenance planning.

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