Life Cycle Cost Calculator

Calculate life cycle costs and identify savings potential in just a few clicks

In the real estate industry, cost estimates are important in the early project phases of a construction project. If they are already determined during planning, future expenses can be reduced. Our Life Cycle Cost Calculator provides initial results in real time.

Our solution

  • Web-based application for the independent input of design features to determine life cycle costs
  • Holistic cost analysis across all life cycle phases
  • Balancing the economic and ecological demands of a property
  • Simulation of the effects of individual decisions on the overall cost situation
  • Determination of construction costs, operating and maintenance costs, repair costs and deconstruction costs

Life cycle costs are considered an important parameter in the construction and real estate industry. The more carefully buildings are planned and engineered, the greater the savings potential and the better the structural sustainability aspects can be taken into account. This is particularly crucial for investment projects, because in order to make well-founded decisions, these must already be taken into account in the planning phase of construction projects.

Operation, maintenance and repair account for around 60 percent of the construction costs over the entire lifetime of a property. The operating and maintenance costs add up to up to two thirds. With a reliable determination of these expenses already during the planning phase, future costs can be reduced. For this purpose, pom+ and keeValue have jointly developed a web-based life cycle cost calculator. The "Life Cycle Cost Calculator" contains on the one hand the new building cost calculator as well as the conversion and maintenance cost calculator from keeValue and on the other hand the operating cost calculator developed by pom+, which is integrated on the keeValue platform. Within a few minutes, the financial implications of the construction method on the life cycle costs, consisting of construction costs, operating and maintenance costs, repair costs and deconstruction costs, can be broken down.

The calculation is based on the simulation of the interplay of constructive features and the resulting costs over all life cycle phases of the building. The holistic cost consideration over all life cycle phases of a property prevents a one-sided optimisation, e.g. with regard to the construction costs, without knowing the effects on the operating and maintenance costs. It can also be shown how, for example, adjustments in the proportion of windows, type of façade or type of heating lead to an optimisation of operating costs. Furthermore, it is possible to compare the life cycle costs of existing properties with a variant of new replacement construction. This often results in better construction quality and lower resource consumption.

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