Risk management

Identify risks at an early stage and manage them professionally

In an increasingly complex (real estate) world with tougher competition, increasing regulations and advancing digitalisation, the requirements for effective risk management are growing. We support you with analyses, strategies, audits and catalogues of measures to minimise and control your risks.

Our services

  • Definition of a target risk profile based on the Company- , Real estate- and Sustainability strategy
  • Conduct a needs assessment and prepare a risk framework incl. scoping
  • Development of a risk manual incl. definition of roles, methods and riteria
  • Carrying out an audit of the existing specifications and regulations
  • Development of a maturity model, e.g. n. ISO 31000, and preparation of audit reports
  • Carrying out risk assessments and drawing up risk catalogues and risk profiles
  • Setting up the entire risk management process and conducting risk workshops
  • Assessment of the "Operational Readiness
  • Identification of Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and establishment of a risk early warning system
  • Definition of risk management measures (ICS framework e.g. according to ISAE 3402)
  • Visualisation of the risk landscape and creation of a risk matrix
  • Conduct training and coaching to increase risk awareness in the organisation and the integration and application of the risk management process

Companies today are confronted with a multitude of risks of the most diverse nature. These include geopolitical instability, short economic cycles, technological changes or regulatory requirements. In this context, the risks in the construction and real estate industry differ from other industries. On the one hand, real estate investments often involve considerable financial resources and construction defects, supply chain problems, material defects or delays in completion quickly lead to an explosion of costs.

On the other hand, the real estate business is subject to a large number of legal regulations, compliance with which has major consequences for the organisation and processes. For example, the Privacy policy in the EU and Switzerland, many property owners, portfolio holders and administrations are adapting their working methods and upgrading their IT systems. Also the EU-Taxonomie and regulations to reduce CO2 emissions are causing major changes at strategic and operational levels.

In addition, most risk strategies today are still strongly focused on economic factors. Ecological risks in connection with the increasing impacts of climate change, however, are constantly increasing and are often not yet part of risk management. These are, on the one hand, physical risks such as flooding, but above all transition risks in connection with legislation. For many property owners, it is often still unclear what, for example, a ban on fossil fuel heating systems, the mandatory installation of photovoltaic systems or the increase in the CO2 price will mean for their own portfolio.

Professional risk management helps to manage the complexity associated with these risks and reduce uncertainties by identifying and assessing risks and taking appropriate measures to address them. We support you in the early assessment and evaluation of Trends and development, in the control and professionalisation of your risk management and an effective Resource allocation, to minimise the potential for losses and maximise returns. To this end, we develop an individual risk strategy in line with your corporate, real estate and/or sustainability strategy and help you to implement the risk policy in your organisation.

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