Sustainability controlling made easy with a web-based cockpit

energyGIDO is a database of sustainability indicators that can be integrated into your own system environment as a cockpit. Various dashboards help you to keep an eye on your sustainability goals at all times. This allows you to check compliance with legal environmental requirements and other sustainability goals in just a few clicks and visualise the status of your individual goals.

Unsere Lösung

  • Bereitstellung eines interaktiven, webbasierten Nachhaltigkeitscockpits
  • Medienbruchfreie Integration verschiedener Dashboards in Ihre Systemumgebung (API-Schnittstelle)
  • Berechnung des Energieverbrauchs pro Liegenschaft und über das ganze Immobilienportfolio
  • Ausweisung diverser, kundenspezifischer Nachhaltigkeitskennzahlen aus dem ESG-Bereich
  • Ausweisung von CO2-Emissionen und CO2-Grenzwerte auf Objektebene
  • Simulation des CO2-Absenkpfads über das ganze Immobilienportfolio
  • Ausweisung der Kosten und des Potenzials einer Instandsetzung pro Liegenschaft
  • Erstellung standardisierte Nachhaltigkeitsberichte (GRI, GRESB)

Changes in the law and political initiatives demand differently ambitious but very concrete CO2 limits for existing buildings. Common to all efforts is the demand for a massive reduction of today's values.

Investors and portfolio owners would do well to consider their own options for action at the property and portfolio level and to plan the use of financial resources in a structured manner. Only if you know where the greatest savings potential exists in the building stock and how much CO2 you can actually save with which measures, can you use your financial resources effectively and thus make an important contribution to achieving the climate goals.

The sustainability cockpit energyGIDO supports you in this. It allows you to calculate and analyse the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a property with little effort and to compare them with the property portfolio. The cockpit can be put together modularly according to your needs and integrated into your system environment if required. Based on the goals from your real estate strategy or sustainability strategy, we determine together which ESG key figures you want to map.

The legal regulations and climate compatibility of the real estate vehicles are still often the focus. You can automatically calculate CO2 emissions at the property level, display limit values per building, calculate the potential and costs of a renovation or simulate reduction paths across the entire property portfolio. Increasingly, however, individual mapping of supplementary ESG key figures is also desired, for example on biodiversity, green areas, mobility (public transport quality classes, car-sharing offers, shares of parking spaces and electromobility), water consumption or the breakdown of owner and ancillary costs. It is also possible to integrate an interface to the FM Monitor, the largest facility management data pool in Switzerland. 

Our experts from the areas of sustainability and data analytics support you in all process steps - from data preparation and plausibility checks to closing data gaps and creating standardised reports that can be used, for example, for the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

Your contact persons

Dr. Johannes Gantner


Dr. sc., M.Sc. HFT in Sustainable Energy Competence

Location Zurich

Rebekka Ruppel

CEO pom+Germany

M.Sc. ETH in Civil Engineering

Location Frankfurt