Utilisation concepts

Identify user requirements at an early stage and integrate them into the planning of your property

A utilisation concept is an important part of a building project. It positively influences the value of your property by taking user requirements into account in a building project from the very beginning. We accompany you in the development of the utilisation concept, create the room book and the function diagrams.

Our Services

  • Determination of user needs by means of interviews and workshops
  • Creation of a utilisation concept incl. spatial and operational catalogue of requirements
  • Creation of a room book and function diagrams

A good building fully meets the user's needs by setting clearly defined goals and requirements from the point of view of use in every phase of the project. On the one hand, a building project must comply with specifications regarding return on investment, safety and quality. On the other hand, the needs of the users must be met. This also includes intangible aspects such as the quality of lighting, noise insulation, the design of outdoor areas, the social atmosphere in a building and general well-being. Such factors can have a significant impact on the satisfaction and productivity of the occupants and thus also influence the demand and value of a property.

For developers and owners, however, user needs and processes are often difficult to quantify and can also vary greatly depending on the type of property. It is therefore worthwhile to record and analyse user requirements at an early stage and to derive the relevant requirements for the individual building project from them. We support you in the development of a holistic utilisation concept that harmonises the requirements of the users, the company and the building owner.

We proceed differently depending on the type of building. In a first step, we always determine the fundamental, strategic framework conditions and derive from this how any adjustments will affect the current processes and the building structures. In the case of office properties, for example, we first determine how future collaboration is envisaged and to what extent considerations of New Work and Wellbeing will be taken into account. We then compare your requirements for space, digitalisation and sustainability with the space requirements before we determine the requirements of the users for the space and infrastructure. From this, we create a room book and record the dependencies between the rooms in function diagrams. These documents subsequently serve as the basis for the preparation of a feasibility study and the further planning phases.

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