PropTech Competence Center

Systematically evaluate promising PropTechs and profitably use disruptive solutions

Start-ups are springing up like mushrooms and it is not easy not to lose sight of the forest for the trees. We support you in the selection and implementation of suitable PropTech solutions and help you to weave the red thread between the technology and your strategy, organisation and processes.

Our services

  • Analysis and evaluation of relevant PropTechs, start-ups and scale-ups for specific use cases and business areas
  • Building and orchestrating a digital ecosystem
  • Support with tenders and contract negotiation
  • Development of a digital roadmap incl. definition of IT interfaces and other interfaces
  • Creation of concepts for change management and Communication
  • Development of individual controlling systems to review performance and target achievement

The real estate industry is in the middle of a transformation. New technologies and concepts are changing the way people live, shop, work or sign leases. And things are also happening behind the scenes: Material passports provide information about the quantity and location of the materials, components and products used as a kind of "building database", Low Code Apps support the quality assurance of FM services or condition analysis and the digital twin is used in a Common Data Environment embedded.

PropTechs ("property technology" start-ups or scale-ups) are often used in this process. They close the gap between different IT systems and thus help to further concretise digitalisation in the real estate industry. The targeted cooperation with PropTechs and the integration of disruptive technologies can lead to efficiency increases in the construction process and improvements in real estate management, open up new sales channels or optimise sustainability and energy efficiency. But the introduction brings some challenges and needs to be well planned.

This begins with the selection of the appropriate provider:s. The heterogeneity of the built environment makes it difficult to develop standardised technologies that are suitable for all building types and applications. Many solutions are therefore limited to a few specific issues. This leads to a highly fragmented PropTech market and a multitude of "island solutions" that contradict the trend towards seamless process digitalisation and automation. So before integrating a PropTech solution into your own IT architecture, you should be clear about your own IT target picture and think about use cases, responsibilities, interfaces and processes. A digitalisation strategy is a good basis for this.

We support you in the systematic search for relevant innovations, suitable partner organisations and help you assess the maturity of PropTech solutions. Thanks to our good networking in the PropTech market and initiatives such as the​​​​​​​ Digital Top 10 we know the latest developments and market players.

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Giuseppe Bilotta

Managing Partner

Dipl. Ing. ETH


Location Zurich