Workplace Solutions

Translating the corporate DNA into a future-proof, smart working environment with Workplace Solutions

Companies are challenged to deal with a new world of work based on the principles of New Work. The workplace plays a central role in this. We accompany you in the conception and redesign of your working environment with expert knowledge in organisational development, change management, utilisation and operational concepts, object analyses and building owner support as well as in the Smart Office.

Our services

  • Definition and alignment of goals, vision and KPIs with physical framework conditions
  • Carrying out an object analysis and analysis of the area characteristic data
  • Creation of personas and recommendations for action
  • Development of a «Workplace Strategy» 
  • Development of a workplace concept incl. zone concept and office layout
  • Design of smart office and IoT solutions and low code apps
  • Accompaniment of the office conversion as the client's representative
  • Accompaniment of the entire change process and support in change management

In the competition for the best talents, the «War of Talents»,the workplace is of central importance. How we work together in the future, the environment in which we do so and the infrastructure required for this will become a decisive competitive factor and the working environment the extended arm of the corporate DNA.

Because table football, colourful seating areas and fruit baskets are no longer enough to convey the corporate culture and ensure a good employee experience. Instead, it is a matter of dealing individually with the employees' own goals and needs, making the best possible use of spatial parameters, establishing smart processes and providing the necessary technologies. The workplace of the future thus becomes an individual construct and is precisely tailored to the respective organisation.

We support you in five steps to translate your DNA into a sustainable working environment:

  1. First we lay out the Goals and visions of the company with a view to the future world of work. For example, we conduct interviews with the management or lead workshops with stakeholders from HR, business development, IT and management.
  2. We analyse the physical framework conditions and the structural environment and develop what is feasible. We carry out a property analysis, look at the area characteristics and compare the results with the market.
  3. We formulate the technological requirements for a Smart Office. We examine the current work processes and specify the requirements for a modern IT landscape. If required, we also support the selection and implementation of new digital solutions.
  4. We take the needs of the employees by conducting surveys and creating activity profiles. From this, we derive personas, user journeys and concrete recommendations for action.
  5. Last but not least, we compare the results with current studies from the trend research to ensure that the new working environment also appeals to and picks up future generations.

Based on this, we develop a Workplace Strategy for your company. This is a strategic document that provides information for your HR regulations or personnel manual (e.g. home office guidelines or approaches for fringe benefits). We then draw up a rough concept for a suitable office layout, including a zone concept, and define the technological requirements for the working environment. If required, we also identify the relevant data and IT parameters for the introduction of smart office solutions with the​​​​​​​ Smart Building Configurator and support the operation with​​​​​​​ Low Code Apps. Last but not least, we accompany you through the change process with concepts for change management and internal communication, define measures and help you to implement and institutionalise them.

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Dr. Tanja Pohle


Dr. sc. ETH

Location Zurich

Reto Cajacob

Director Basel

Dipl. electrical engineer FH, IMBA

Location Basel