Smart Building Configurator

When the building becomes a platform: Identifying digital use cases with the Smart Building Configurator

Smart buildings house a sum of autonomous individual systems that have to fulfil a specific function and work together seamlessly. With the Smart Building Configurator, we support you holistically in the conception of the interplay without media discontinuity and identify the relevant digital use cases in your smart building.

Our solution

  • Selection of the relevant digital use cases
  • Development of a holistic smart building concept
  • Deriving the requirements for the building and the digital ecosystem

From a technological perspective, real estate corresponds to a "system of systems", i.e. a large, complex organisation of autonomous, interconnected individual systems that work together to achieve a common goal. Each of these individual systems may comprise a multitude of components and processes and may itself be a complex system designed for a specific function or task. Integrating and ensuring the interoperability of these systems presents significant challenges to building owners.

From a certain number of digital use cases and IT components, one speaks of a smart building. Here it makes sense to develop an overarching concept and to clarify various fundamental issues. These include clarifying data sovereignty, security guidelines or the desired building certification. For this purpose, we define the overarching system requirements for functionality, reliability and interoperability in order to ensure the effectiveness of the Smart Building.

Thinking in terms of digital use cases means thinking about use, operation and management as early as the project planning and construction stage. To simplify this process and to formulate the requirements for the building, we have developed the Smart Building Configurator. This is a database with all relevant digital use cases in real estate operation, which helps to expand classic pbFM questions with a technological component.
In terms of methodology, we define the framework conditions from the strategic requirements such as utilisation, Smart FM, Smart Mobility, Smart Home, Smart Office, the sustainability monitoring and digital Portfoliomanagement.

Based on the use cases in our database, we derive the Smart Building Services based on the following dimensions:

  • Safety & Security 
  • Health, Wellbeing and Comfort
  • Integration and connectivity
  • Use and operation
  • Asset management and administration
  • Performance and sustainability

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Rebekka Ruppel

CEO pom+Germany

M.Sc. ETH in Civil Engineering

Location Frankfurt

Daniela Müller

Head of Service Unit Facility Management

MAS ZFH in Real Estate Management

Location Zurich

Michel van Mark

Head of Service Unit


Location Lausanne