Sustainability Reports

Increase the sales value of your properties with ESG benchmarking and reporting

Demonstrate the effectiveness of your sustainability measures in annual reports or ESG reports. We support you with GRESB participation and advise you on sustainable certifications and building labels. So that strategic decisions are comprehensible and your vision of a sustainable future becomes reality.

GRESB: Global ESG Benchmark for Real Estate Assets

Create transparency for investors by benchmarking your ESG and sustainability measures and documenting decisions and plans. We support you with proven expertise and a wealth of experience. If you wish, we can compile your ESG reporting in accordance with GRI-Standards (Global Reporting Initiative) or the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), show the properties with the greatest possible CO2 savings, indicate limit values and sustainability targets per building and estimate the potential revenue from the implemented actions.

Our services

  • Aggregation and consolidation of the required information and data
  • Coordination of question processing
  • Identifying the relevant KPIs
  • Completion of the GRESB questionnaire
  • Answering queries
  • Interpretation and documentation of results
  • Development of recommendations for action
  • Preparing the content for internal communication in a way that is suitable for the recipient

The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) has established itself as a global sustainability initiative in the real estate sector and pursues the goal of systematically reviewing and comparing the sustainability performance of real estate investment solutions and thus ultimately improving them. To this end, data is collected and evaluated in various areas along the ESG themes. These topics relate to the organisation as well as to fund-based performance indicators.

Participation in the GRESB thus creates transparency for investors. Particularly in the wake of the EU taxonomy the systematic review of the sustainability performance of real estate investment solutions is becoming increasingly important. Participation offers further advantages by highlighting optimisation potential and enabling direct comparison with the portfolios of competitors. Enquiries regarding sustainable orientation and activities in this area can thus be answered efficiently and concretely.

We take care of entering the required information and data of your real estate investment solutions at the GRESB and support you throughout the entire participation process. In a first step, all necessary information is collected and analysed. Subsequently, pom+ takes over the internal coordination of the question processing and defines the most important unique selling points (KPIs) with the project team. We take over the input of the required data, interpret and document the results and develop recommendations for action in order to optimise the rating continuously and in a targeted manner. If necessary, we prepare the content for recipient-oriented communication in internal committees and management boards.

Certifications & Building Labels

Sustainable building certifications ensure that new buildings as well as buildings in operation meet high environmental and social standards. Depending on the certificate, they identify environmental performance and promote the use of environmentally friendly materials, efficient use of resources, clean energy and water reduction. They can also help to improve the health and well-being of users and reduce operating costs.

For investors, sustainable building certifications represent an interesting opportunity to increase the value of individual properties, as sustainable buildings are often valued higher due to their positive impact on the environment and society. We advise you on possible certifications and building standards such as BREEAM DE/AT/CH, DGNB/SGNI, Minergie or SNBS  and evaluate your options for addressing and communicating a variety of sustainability aspects.

Consulting EU taxonomy

Europe has set itself the goal of becoming the first climate-neutral continent. Accordingly, the EU-Taxonomy came into force at the beginning of 2022 as a central building block of the European Green Deal. It defines criteria for sustainable investments and also affects the real estate sector.

Our services

  • Gap analysis of your real estate and sustainability strategies taking into account the EU taxonomy
  • Support with data governance, data models and data management with a focus on ESG data
  • Recording of ESG criteria of individual objects and properties
  • Review of the legal compliance of your real estate portfolio and recommendations for action
  • Documentation of ESG-compliant data in new construction and refurbishments

In combination with other regulations such as the Disclosure Ordinance, the ordinances are intended to ensure greater transparency by, among other things, categorising financial products, defining sustainability risks and measuring the number and type of sustainability indicators. Furthermore, companies are obliged to prove their social responsibility for sustainable business in certain reports.

We support you in classifying the regulations for your specific real estate portfolio and in the practical application of the EU taxonomy.

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