Cost estimates & analyses

Increase the profitability of your properties with the calculation of life cycle costs and operating cost estimates

A sound analysis of life cycle, operating and maintenance costs are an essential basis for evidence-based investment decisions and can have a decisive influence on the profitability of real estate. We support you with our calculations both in project definition and feasibility studies as well as in the pre-construction and construction project.

Our services

  • Recording of the building data
  • Compilation of cost categories
  • Estimation of life cycle and operating costs by type of use or cost category compared to the market

Real estate is a costly undertaking. Careful assessment of future expenses is therefore an essential quality feature - especially in the case of investment properties. We support you with reliable cost estimates and analyses. The level of detail of our calculations depends on the project phase.

In early phases, we provide you with the web-based Life Cycle Cost Calculator. This enables you to break down the financial implications of the planned construction method on the life cycle costs yourself. For example, as part of a feasibility study, this allows you to draw initial conclusions about the construction costs, operating and maintenance costs, repair costs and deconstruction costs.
During the pre-project or construction project, we support you with detailed calculations by our experts. We use the model initiated by IFMA Switzerland to determine the costs over the various life cycle phases and combine the calculations with key figures from the FM Monitor.
The focus of cost analyses is often on estimating operating costs. The detailed operating costs are calculated bottom-up with the help of the construction costs, the building description, asset lists, utilisation and area data as well as numerous market key figures, thus creating the basis for optimising the operating and maintenance costs. These cost forecasts are an essential part of the life cycle costs and are also used for profitability calculations. Future costs such as planned renovations or replacement investments can also be included in the estimate.

Often, an operating cost estimate is used as an aid in the purchase decision. It offers the advantage that it gives investors and owners an idea of the expected running costs of a building. This enables them to better assess the influence of operating costs on the profitability of the property and to more easily determine any potential for optimising value. A detailed estimate of operating costs can also help to minimise unexpected costs and unforeseen expenses.

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