Scenario tool

Simulate the impact of a property on the sustainability indicators of the entire real estate portfolio - even before purchase

Our scenario tool was developed by real estate professionals and data analysts to support existing property owners when purchasing properties. It allows you to identify the potential impact on your sustainability metrics when taking on new properties before you buy.

Our solution

  • Provision of an interactive, web-based simulation tool
  • Integration of the simulation tool into your system environment without media discontinuity (API interface)
  • Comparison of your CO2 reduction path with your financial expenditure
  • Comparison of properties within your real estate portfolio
  • Derivation of meaningful information despite less data

Real estate acquisitions are not only costly, but also complex. The impact of transactions on the portfolio can hardly be assessed so far. In the course of the increasing relevance of sustainability aspects and ESG regulations at portfolio level, this blind flight is problematic. After all, even a single property can cause the sustainability indicators of the real estate portfolio to change and the legal requirements are no longer met.

The scenario tool helps you to assess the purchase of a property from a sustainability perspective and to make fact-based decisions. Each property in your portfolio has its own data mask with information on basic data (location, number of floor values, roof and heating type, energy-related components, etc.), area details, information on energy-related components and consumption data and certifications. Further input information can be compiled individually according to your needs. For example, data on maintenance planning, service life of components, information on operational optimisation or investment costs can be stored here. 

Based on this, various scenarios can be visualised at the touch of a button. In this way, properties can be easily analysed and the sustainability class of individual properties can be estimated and reported for the entire real estate portfolio. This allows you to make valid statements about the success of your sustainable measures at any time and to better assess profitability.

Our advisors accompany you step by step through the entire development process, from conception to integration to the import of your existing property portfolio. You determine the degree of customisation. For example, the scenario tool can be set up in your corporate design if you wish. 

Your contact persons

Dr. Johannes Gantner


Dr. sc., M.Sc. HFT in Sustainable Energy Competence

Location Zurich