FM Monitor

Analyse areas, operating costs and consumption of properties and compare them with the nationwide benchmarks of the FM Monitor.

The FM Monitor is the largest facility management data pool in Switzerland. This area and cost benchmark distinguishes 13 types of property and forms the basis for area analyses and cost analyses. The FM Monitor breaks down costs in a process cost model and thus supports process and resource optimisations or the development of internal allocation concepts.

Our solution

  • Provision of an interactive, web-based analysis tool
  • Provision of cost benchmarks for operational real estate and administrative assets
  • Provision of cost benchmarks for real estate assets
  • Report with comparative values for cost and space ratios by use class
  • Provision of a web-based solution via API
  • Integration of the FM Monitor web service into your ICT environment

The FM Monitor is an instrument in real estate controlling with the most important FM benchmarks in Switzerland. It is based on the largest Swiss data pool for management costs and offers asset managers, operating specialists and management companies the opportunity to compare their properties with the data pool. Particularly in the context of sustainability, the FM Monitor helps to identify properties with high emissions.

In addition, optimisation potential in management costs can be more easily identified by comparing the prices for FM services with the benchmarking pool. This is an essential building block for more in-depth cost analyses, resource calculations, process optimisations or the development of internal billing concepts. 

Since 2002, comprehensive cost and area figures have been analysed and published annually for a total of 13 property types. The data pool includes over 12,000 properties with a total floor area of over 46 million square metres from various sectors such as banks, insurance companies, real estate companies, industry, the public sector and others.

The partner organisations of the FM Monitor include the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

FM Monitor Benchmarks

The FM Monitor Benchmarks are a data analytics tool to analyse and benchmark properties in terms of operating costs, space utilisation and consumption. The different cost benchmarks can be purchased separately as reports or web services.

Each benchmark serves a different need:

The comparison of the analysis data treated in the FM Monitor shows where the values of a property or a portfolio lie, how large the gap is to the median and which are the "best in class" properties. Since the cost model of the FM Monitor is process-oriented, the analyses are also suitable for optimising process costs (e.g. maintenance). Thanks to the application of common industry standards for space and cost structures, the FM Monitor analyses are also an optimal basis for developing and simulating cost forecasts and allocation models.

The area types in the FM Monitor Benchmark correspond to SIA 416 and DIN 277. The cost data are based on the SIA d0165 standard as well as DIN 18960. Alternatively, the costs can also be structured according to the industry standard for investment properties. 

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FM Monitor Investor

The FM Monitor Investor is aimed at owners whose real estate portfolio consists of various property categories. The regression model developed is based on the FM Monitor data pool and contains the most important factors influencing all costs by use class. The cost benchmarks are structured according to use class and can be integrated directly into your own IT system landscape via an API interface and thus linked to a real estate management tool such as Immopac, for example.

FM Monitor Public

The FM Monitor Public is aimed at municipalities and representatives of the public sector who want to examine and compare their building stock in terms of FM key figures. In times of increasing pressure to save money and high employee workloads, it is becoming more and more important to identify optimisation potential in maintenance. We analyse your data with the key figures of other municipalities and show you the most important findings and fields of action at a joint event.

FM Monitor Webservice

With the FM Monitor web service, the entire scope of information is integrated into your IT infrastructure. Your real estate managers work with their own CAFM, management or asset management system and have access to the entire FM data pool at the touch of a button. The key cost and area figures of your own buildings can be calculated and compared both for individual properties and for the property portfolio. Server hosting guarantees the highest security standards.

FM Monitor Wiki

In the FM Monitor Wiki you will find further explanations on the data structures of the reference tool. In addition, the Wiki contains useful tips on how to use your dashboard if you have already participated in the FM Monitor Benchmarking and have your own analysis cockpit.

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