Brand Story & Mission

Our why

The world of tomorrow is connected. We make companies from the construction and real estate industry fit for their opportunities, tasks and challenges in this world. And we do this by simplifying the exchange between stakeholders today. In terms of content, processes and data.

The construction and real estate industry faces enormous challenges. In Switzerland and Germany alone, it is responsible for about one third of national greenhouse gas emissions, and hundreds of kilograms of construction waste are produced every second through the demolition of buildings. The industry is also struggling with the 27 percent increase in annual data volumes. Much of this data is now pelting uncontrollably onto an industry that has long slept through digitalisation and is now challenged to seamlessly establish digital processes.

Now for the good news: In hardly any other industry is the leverage in the fight against climate change or in the digital transformation likely to be greater than in the construction and real estate industry! Anyone who is looking for meaningfulness and is dying for real effectiveness is therefore in good hands with us. Because this is precisely our incentive: we want to maximise the impact of the industry with our actions and minimise our footprint at the same time.

To achieve this, we support our clients on two levels: in the orchestration of their corporate universe (inner world) and in the creation of cross-sector ecosystems (outer world).

Inner World: The Corporate Universe

To transform the big picture, we first turn our focus to the smallest unit: the individual companies that are active in the construction and real estate industry, own real estate or use it. In order to be able to operate sustainably and successfully, the different areas of a company must be thought of, conceived and orchestrated as a unit - let's call it a "corporate universe". In the process, the organisation, real estate, IT systems and data interact directly with each other.

The corporate universe is increasingly influenced by external multipliers in the three ESG dimensions of environment, social and governance. We are happy to help companies and the public sector to link their organisation, real estate, IT systems and data, taking these external factors into account, and to make them into a single entity. On the one hand, this enables them to ensure their own value creation in the connected world of tomorrow and, on the other, to contribute to the transformation of the construction and real estate industry.

Outer world: The digital ecosystem

This is a first important step on the way to the connected world. However, the challenges mentioned can only be solved in a network and require the cooperation of a broad-based coalition of the private sector, associations and the public sector.

Digital ecosystems involve the association of a group of companies with the aim of expanding the individual value chain through shared services. The advantages of an automated exchange between different parties manifest themselves primarily in a massively improved customer experience. This is because a digital ecosystem focuses on the added value for and the interfaces to the end users and not on the sale of products and services.

Most parties today are not yet ready to function in such an alliance. We support companies in thinking and acting beyond their role. To do this, we break down data silos, for example, develop strategies for creating their own value within the alliance or define criteria for selecting suitable partner companies.

We still have a long way to go. But we feel well equipped and are always motivated to put our money where our mouth is. Our drive is based on our DNA as doers. We don't just want to talk about the future, but actively shape and develop it.

Let’s make it real!